Monday, November 10, 2008


Hi there,

Last Saturday, the whole family went up north to Lenggong, fetching my eldest daughter from her boarding school. They finished their exams and were allowed to go back a week earlier than the others. (Just to keep the school less noisy, others are concentrating with final exams & SPM). So as usual whenever we fetch or send her there, our favorite lunch spot is the Restoran Ikan Bakar Tasik Raban. It's about 50 m from the MRSM Lenggong's traffic light junction , going up north to Grik on the right hand side. It's quite famous for those who usually drive up to Grik or to Kelantan via East-West Coast Highway.

There're quite an extensive array of ulam-ulaman and "masak kampung" dishes. My favorite are always the fried"ikan Pekasam"( a fermented fish with grounded rice), with blanched "pucuk paku" (a type of ferns leaves) and "sambal belacan with tempoyak" - this, I can't explain it in English....ha...ha...dah rasa baru tau. The "ikan bakar" is always our favorite too. And the best part is the food are cheap and simply delicious.......

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