Friday, October 31, 2008

Raiyan's Birthday


Today is my son's 8th birthday and tomorrow we will throw him a birthday party. He invited his close friends from his class but don't know yet how many of them will turn up. I'm afraid only couple of the kids will come and celebrate, how sad. I thought of giving some goodies to all of his classmate at school rather than holding up a party coz I know the numbers who'll attending is much much more lesser than expected. But what can I say, he insisted and I felt pity for him, he's probably just want to feel how's like having a birthday party with all your friends are with you.......blowing up the candles, having balloons, play some games. It just that some parents are not that willing to give up some time to send their kids for a party or they might just too busy..........anyway I hope and wish everything turn out just fine tomorrow even though few of us are with him at the party......."HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAIYAN" & " WE LOVE U" - from mama and the rest of the family.......

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